6 Stupid Things To Not Do When Travelling  



 6 stupid things to not do when travelling  

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Vacationing at a destination without any clue about the place is a recipe of trouble. From spending a night in the cell to missing out on notable experiences, going without research could leave you with not-so-good experiences. While a Google search on travel will tell you several things you should do on a holiday, they often miss out on informing about what to not do on a vacation. Here are a few avoidable pitfalls to save yourself from ruining your holiday!

  1. ONLY Clicking Pictures

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In today’s digitally-savvy world, one can’t afford to miss capturing the spots they visit or clicking that perfect selfie. While it is great to capture moments, it is much better to enjoy the time spent. Many people spend their entire vacation with their selfie stick or DSLR camera, but forget to feel the joy of the moment. If you spend your holiday clicking pictures, you miss out on enjoying the nurturing experience. Put away your camera and make memories for real.  

2. Skipping Local Delicacies 


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Not everyone is a foodie, willing to try any delicacy at once. But, one of the most stupid things people do is to skip local delicacies for food that you eat at home or for expensive treats. Imagine if you visit Bali and you eat at McDonalds!  

While in some cases it is understandable, skipping local restaurants could lead you to miss out on a worthy experience, not to mention the expense it would cost. Since you have traveled miles to experience the place and culture, why not give the regional specialties a try.  

3. Disregarding the Cultural Etiquettes 

This is one of the most idiotic things people do when travelling. From being ignorant of their body language to shouting out their dismay over the outrageous prices to wearing the wrong clothing, tourists do all sorts of things that could get them embarrassed or worse make them get into trouble overseas. Every country has certain customs and etiquettes that are meant to not be broken. For example, Middle East, South East Asian, and Islamic countries have stringent laws for dressing. So, do your bit of homework and try not to offend these.  

4. Relying On the Credit Card 


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Not carrying enough cash is the last thing you want to do when travelling abroad. Although cards come in handy, relying on them alone will leave you with a not-so-good experience. If you thought they work while shopping at the street markets, like those in India, then think twice. While it seems illogical at some places, others wish to avoid the fees that come with card acceptance. Carry enough cash, or you will miss out on that copy of the expensive Zara dress! 

5. Being Addicted to Phones 


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Can’t wait to tell your travel stories to your bestie? Or wish to upload that picture of you at Burj Khalifa ASAP? Well, all of that can wait. When holidaying, you are meant to experience the joy of that scenic train journey, discovering that hidden attraction, or gorging on that delicious local delicacy. Leave that constant urge to check your phone or chat. You are on a holiday spree so have fun and ditch your phones for a while.  

6. Wasting Time to Save Money 

It’s a great feeling to walk around like a local. Not only does it makes you belong to the place but also saves you some dollars. But, going on foot always and end up missing an attraction does not seem wise. Since you tire yourself in your desperation to save money and fail to enjoy your holiday, doing this always makes no sense. While traveling smart is essential, it is unwise to do so at the cost of losing out on memorable experiences.  

Travelling is a wonderful and nurturing experience, but doing things that one must avoid while holidaying can lead to bitter moments. Now that you know what not to do on a vacation, remember them for a great experience on your next holiday.


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