Save Money By Maintaining Your Home on Your Own

A house is everyone’s most substantial investment they make. Buying a home is one of the biggest dreams you ever have, and once you achieve it, all you have to do is maintain it, which sounds like a lot of work. It may seem incredibly overwhelming, but throw in a few dollars, hire the right professionals to do the tasks, and you are good to go. But what if there was a much cheaper way to maintain your house? Well, there is. Here are a few ways you can achieve a maintained home without having to pay others a lot.

General Maintenance

The very first step toward maintaining your home is always inspecting periodically. Check to see if there are cracks in the concrete, facade or foundation. Being aware of level one damages is helpful because later you will not have to spend hundreds of dollars in each loss.

Once you inspect, wash away the dust and spiderwebs from the exteriors and interiors of your home. Give your home a good scrub, to remove all the dirt and grit from it. Clean the windows and doors inside-out. Deep clean the very dirty locations in your home. You do not need power washers to do all this, besides it could damage the plaster and paint. Ordinary water pipes and the usual bathroom cleaning materials are more than enough to achieve a clean house.

Usually, in winter, the patio and the deck are ignored due to the cold weather in which no one is going to stay outside even for a minute. Thus, spring is the time when you do not neglect those and get them cleaned. Scrub the entire patio, wash it off and then treat it with depending on your patio material to protect.

Now, vacuuming your home is something you should already be doing every day. It is time to use your vacuum cleaner, after being stored in the attic for ages. Even if you are working, try to vacuum at least weekly.

As you can see, these are some things that you can do on your own without hiring an agency and spending a lot of dollars annually.


Keep your lawn clean and tidy by regularly raking the leaves. When it comes to keeping your garden mowed, several companies provide annual services. But lawn mowing is not a lot of effort, and you can mow the lawn yourself. Besides, once you start doing it yourself, you will be much more aware of the way the grass and plants in your yard grow.

In case you have a tree on your property, keep them maintained by checking signs of illness and dried branches. If you see any red flags, only then call an arborist. Also, make sure your trim trees as well as other plants around your house so that they don’t damage your home’s structure.


The gutters are the protectants for the roof, siding, and foundation of your house during rainfall. It also collects dust when it is not raining. So, you can clean the gutters with a garden hose and a little soap.

If you have a storage type water heater, drain and flush it every month to flush out any debris and sediments from the heater that can possibly ruin your hot water tank. Asking a plumber to do it for you may cost you a considerable amount of dollars.

Keep your sump pump unclogged. Sumps pumps can be cleaned during the summer when there’s no rainfall. It could get clogged or shot due to the massive pressure of water during heavy rains and storms.

After all this exterior plumbing, you can move on to your house plumbing. There is not much to do when it comes to cleaning the interior plumbing of the house. All you have to do is avoid draining any greasy items down your kitchen and bathroom drains. Also, avoid putting any large and hard items in the toilet as doing so clog the toilet.

New Coat

Repainting on your own seems daunting, but is fun and easy to do. Firstly prepare the walls meaning you have to scrape, sand, and fix the imperfections. It may not seem fun, but it is vital as it provides a smoother surface. Moving on, you tint the primer. You must have noticed that after the painters are done scraping the surface, they put an off white-ish paint which you never understood why. But it has a few purposes like it protects the wall from future stains, provides coverage of one-coat before painting, and also increases the paint adhesion. Prime the walls and let them dry overnight. Finally, comes the fun part, you select the color and paint the walls.

So this is not mandatory, but you could always treat your home with a new look. But doing all these things on your own will save you a lot of dollars every month or year. And you will see the difference in your home’s budget once you start taking up various jobs in your hands.

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