Creating an Effective Personal Budget

Do you have specific financial goals or do you spend most of your time daydreaming about what it would be like if you had a steady income every month? The fact is most people live paycheck to paycheck and find themselves in a perpetual cycle of wondering where all their cash goes to. The way […]


Does Volatility Equal Risk as well as When? 

Does Volatility Equal Risk as well as When?  Volatility is one of the biggest threats in spending inning accordance with standard economic wisdom. A little minority of financiers, mostly value investors– a group to which I belong– take a various sight. We assume it is the possibility of long-term resources loss, not volatilities,  that constitutes the actual […]


The Down Low on Inflation and Deflation 

The Down Low on Inflation and Deflation  Most of us know the basics of inflation and deflation. It is pretty straight forward inflation is when prices increase on things and deflation is when the prices decrease on things. Yes, both can occur simultaneously as well. If either one hits an extreme level it is not […]


 6 Stupid Things To Not Do When Travelling  

   6 stupid things to not do when travelling   KEYWORD PHRASES – what to not do on a vacation  Vacationing at a destination without any clue about the place is a recipe of trouble. From spending a night in the cell to missing out on notable experiences, going without research could leave you with not-so-good […]

political stability

Political Stability for Singapore’s Economy Growth (2017 Update)

Political Stability for Singapore’s Economy Growth Political Stability is a primary driver of economic growth. Achieving true political stability is the first major step to development in any country. Without stability, the government and its bodies cannot do anything functional. Rather than pave ways for economic growth, they would be preoccupied with maintaining shaky coalitions, […]


Top Reasons to Visit Singapore (2017 Update)

Top Reasons to Visit Singapore Singapore, the small city-state located just below Malaysia. It is know for being a technology and finance hub, and for its renown social policies. Additionally, as one of the leading countries in South East Asia, Singaporean schools are considered competitive and its government is considered a role model. Therefore, the […]

housing market singapore

Singapore’s Housing Market (2017 Update)

Singapore’s Housing Market in Decline Singapore´s residents are in very crucial times when it comes to their housing market because sales have slumped 42% over the past seven quarters. This has been the biggest decrease in sales since 2002. Many in Real Estate are concerned about the future of the market. The declining prices strongly […]

credit environment

SME Credit Environment (2017 Updates)

Proven Strategies to Survive Singapore’s Tough SME Credit Environment Proven Strategies to Survive Singapore’s Tough SME Credit Environment: Singapore is placed 12th in the world ranking of ease of access to credit. This is quite impressive although investors should be aware that individuals and firms’ information exceeding five years does not appear in the credit reference […]

financial literacy

Financial Literacy (2017 Update)

Why does the younger generation need Financial Literacy? It is an ongoing joke on the internet that our school teaches children to do Quadratic Functions. And yet not how to balance a checkbook. While this is often being taking in jest, it is actually a serious problem. Consequently, today’s children grow up to be adults […]



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