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Company Introduction:

ABK Leasing is licensed moneylender in Singapore. They are offering personal loan, payday loan, business loan etc. 

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    Company: ABK Leasing Pte Ltd
    Phone: 6224 2224
    Email: -
    Address: 13, NORTH BRIDGE ROAD, #01-3984, GOLDEN BEACH VISTA, SINGAPORE 190013
    Website: -

    What is criteria to decide which is the best licensed moneylender in Singapore?

    Licensed moneylender of Ministry of Law
    Most important criteria 100%

    Ensure they are given license from Ministry of Law, hence adhere and compliance of rule and regulation Ministry of Law.  

    Package offer
    Important criteria 100%

    Comparing the interest rate, fees and loan amount package. Ensure they are no hidden fees charges. That is the best offer to you.

    Customer service
    Important criteria 100%

    The consultant have patient to listen your problem and give you the best solution.

    What do we help ?

    Moneylender Reviews first aim is helps borrowers have best deals which is online comparison tools. The important things is we are free of charges, you can use our tools to comparing loan package, customer service, customer feedback then you select the most convenient to work with. 

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