Top Reasons to Visit Singapore (2017 Update)


Top Reasons to Visit Singapore

Singapore, the small city-state located just below Malaysia. It is know for being a technology and finance hub, and for its renown social policies. Additionally, as one of the leading countries in South East Asia, Singaporean schools are considered competitive and its government is considered a role model. Therefore, the question is definitely not “Why should I visit Singapore?” it’s “Why should I not visit Singapore?”.


If you’re not fully convinced, here are our top reasons to visit The Lion City.


  1. Diverse culture

It was found by an Englishman; it was originally a part of Malaysia and was occupied by the Japanese in World War II. With that, it’s no surprise that modern-day Singapore is a colorful mix of Malay, Indian, Western, and Chinese culture!

Singaporeans are very diverse, and perhaps the culture of its natives is a marriage of all the varying cultures.

  1. The Food!

With all the interwoven cultures, the place has exotic cuisines. One minute you’re in an Australian café, the next minute you’re having Chinese style chicken. Whether it’s champagne from luxury hotels and celebrity-own restaurants to having cheap thrills with street food, you’re going to have a blast.

  1. Beautiful architecture

When this place was still on its way to becoming the metropolis it is now, a problem must have arise on how to house its residents. With that, Singapore is know to have high buildings that are either home to a hundred families or house businesses and firms. What is also interesting is that the city seems to combine both the future and the past, as avant garde buildings such as the Gardens by the Bay exist with traditional Chinese temples and Muslim mosques. It’s definitely a testimony to their rich history.

  1. It’s safe

If it’s your first time to have a solo trip, Singapore would be the best place to go. Most rookie backpackers head to this place as it’s know for its low crime rate and strict implementation of their laws.  You feel less worried about pickpockets when you’re riding the train or bus. Public transportation is nothing to be afraid of, and the city is note to be very clean.

  1. The entertainment scene

If the locals work hard, they party even harder! Entertainment in Singapore is easily available and ranges from amusement parks to night clubs. Their most popular entertainment attraction is Universal Studios Singapore where one can ride crazy rollercoasters such as Battlestar Galactica. If you plan to dance the night away, Singapore has a number of dance clubs to choose from. One that the locals would recommend is Zouk where the music is always trendy, and the party scene is unpretentious.


There are so many things to do in Singapore, and although it’s not the cheapest place to travel, you get to get many deals by backpacking in the lovely city. Locals are multi-lingual, and if you ever find yourself lost, you can communicate effectively with them using English.


Don’t just take my word for it, see it yourself! Go book your ticket, and visit Singapore and experience everything the Lion City has to offer.




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